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A Guide to Overcoming All Novel Editing Hurdles

novel editingOur book “A Guide to Overcoming All Novel Editing Hurdles.” Published in 2017, this book is designed and created to provide practical and realistic editing advice for proofreading a novel so that you can increase its publishing chances. If you need professional help you should try our affordable proofreading service.

From checking the plot to the characters up to the most common mistakes authors commit in editing the novel, this guide features tips on how to avoid those errors and make their writing better before submission to multiple agents and publishers. The book also contains useful advice from some of the most prominent authors of our time. It also offers a bonus section on the overview of the steps in publishing a novel.

The book contains advice on how to check your novel’s tone, style, and emotion as well as how to see if you have used consistent voice (POV) in your writing.  It also presents an advice on the number of rounds of novel editing, along with other useful tips that will make your book better. Editing your novel is a major step.  Do not miss the most important tips and tricks on how to do the self-edit or ask help from an expert human editor.  The book is your one-stop guide to overcoming all the editing hurdles you might be facing, especially if you’re a budding author who has just started entering the book-publishing world. You can also see our proofreading sample for the inspiration.

“A Guide to Overcoming All Novel Editing Hurdles” can be accessed FREE. Don’t think twice, start editing your book today!