Common Mistakes

Cheap Proofreading Sample

Why Would You Need a Proofreading Sample?

When we write it is rare that we don’t make any mistakes no matter how careful we are. But mistakes in our writing can mean far more than a few red pen marks and a slightly lower grade as we work our way through our education and into our working life. Mistakes in a resume can make it look like you were not interested enough in the job while mistakes in a business report could indicate that maybe there could also be errors in the data provided. The college paper proofreading is also important in order to get a perfect mark.

So eliminating mistakes in our writing is vital if we want to ensure that we get our writing taken seriously. But doing our own proofreading to find and eliminate those errors can be very difficult. Most of us will not see even the most obvious of errors as we are just too familiar with what we have written. Using a proofreading sample however can provide us with guidance as to how we should search for issues within our writing.

How to Use Our Example of Proofreading

You will be able to find many samples of proofreading online and they can give you some great pointers on how to proofread your own work. Often you can use these examples as if there were tests or worksheets and see if you can find the errors in the original before you actually look at the improved version of the proofreading example.

Like any skill the more that you practice it the better you will get at it. So using samples for proofreading will allow you to develop your skills to make your own proofreading more effective.

Tips for Improving Your Own Proofreading

Of course different samples of proofreading will cover different areas so it is always best to try to read as many tips and other advice as to how to actually so your own proofreading. The following simple tips will help you to improve your own proofreading skills and help you to eliminate errors more effectively:

  • Always start with your spell checker; while a computer is never going to catch every error they are a good starting point for any proofreading and should not be ignored.
  • Try to leave as long as possible between writing and proofreading so that you are less familiar with what you have written.
  • Proofread in a location that is quiet and free of distractions so that you can concentrate fully on the task.
  • Read your writing aloud so that you can hear how it sounds; with modern technology it is very easy to record your own voice using your cell phone or another device.
  • Print out the work in a larger font size to make it easier to see.
  • Read through your work backwards to make it less familiar.
  • Slow down your reading by touching each word in turn.
  • Mask off adjacent lines to the one you are reading to reduce distractions.
  • Check for one issue at a time to maximize your effectiveness.
  • Make a list of the common mistakes that you always make; it will also help improve your own writing.

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