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How Much Does It Cost to Edit and Proofread a Paper?

How Much Does It Cost to Edit and Proofread a Paper When You Use a Reliable Service like Ours?

As anyone who has ever written a paper can tell you, failing to check the work when finished can leave it wide open to criticism when being assessed by your peers. If there are too many errors, however, it will either be returned or graded ‘F’ which can lead to failing the course. Finding a cheap proofreading service online to check the work for errors has therefore become increasingly more popular over the last few years. With prices increasing in conjunction with the level of interest now being shown,  finding out exactly how much does it cost to edit and proofread a paper can leave you scratching your head in confusion.

While many of the more established services may have a better online presence with which to entice new clients, don’t be fooled into thinking that they are able to check grammar and punctuation any better than other services. Just as if you would do when buying anything else, shop around until you are happy you have the best available provider and the cost of proofreading and editing academic papers is within your budget.


What Should You Expect the Average Cost of Editing a Paper Professionally to Be?

In a nutshell, Lynn Wasnak of The Writers Market says that you should expect prices from around $3 per page for proofreading, while for editing around $7.50 per page. Many of our competitors based in various countries around the world that we checked, however, charge over this with prices reaching almost $9 per page. Trying to make sense out of what each of these services considers important when deciding how much does it cost to proof and edit academic paper takes a little more work. Suffice it to say that at only $6.40 per page, our paper editing service prices are extremely difficult to beat and ensure that we remain one of the best providers you will find!

What Are the More Common Problems with Choosing a Service and Accepting Their Proofreading Rates?

Getting true value for your money is the number one goal and quite often the overruling authority when making our minds up to pay for a certain service. The lowest prices, therefore, do not always mean that you will get the best value. There are many criteria that should be analyzed closely before making the final decision, especially when dealing with an online-based company and some of these include:

  • Writing companies are not regulated in any way so there is no real guarantee the work is unique
  • You might not always be able to get in contact with the person
  • There is no way to ensure the quality of the work
  • There are many scammers out there
  • There is a good chance you may overpay for the services that are rendered
  • There is always the possibility you will not get the work returned on time
  • There could be a communication breakdown
  • You never get to meet the person who is working on your paper so you will never really know who it is other than what you are told

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How Much Do Proofreaders Charge per Word?

While not unheard of, rather than charge a word rate, most services simply set a price for professional proofreading by the number of pages. Only in exceptional circumstances might you find a word rate of perhaps $0.032 or similar per word. This, of course, will vary depending on the language, if the work contains a lot of tables or charts and whether there is a complicated table of contents to check through.

How Much Does It Cost to Edit a Thesis?

Thesis papers and dissertations are extremely long pieces of work that may exceed well over 30,000 words. Depending on the level of editing that is needed and how long it is calculated to complete, a professional editor could charge upwards from the $1,000 area. Discerning how much does it cost to have someone edit your paper also depends on whether you require content editing which can be time intensive or just straightforward copy editing. In either case, failure to double check how much does it cost to edit a paper will result in spiraling charges.

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You Can Benefit from Our Ultra-Low Paper Proofreading Prices

There is no substitute for experience and having a profound level of knowledge within your subject area when checking through an academic paper for errors. By letting our professional editor’s help in this, you not only benefit from their many years of experience, but you are also able to learn about the process which may help you with future projects. We guarantee the help you receive from our experts will remove all mistakes and that our paper proofreading cost is well within your budget. With the ability to meet all tight deadlines, you also gain the following benefits when opting to use our best proofreading service:

  • 24/7 easy ordering facility and dedicated customer support via online chat, Email or phone
  • A fully confidential and secure payment facility so that no one will know you have used our services
  • Proofreading prices that are highly competitive with a range of flexible discounts
  • Editing that tracks all changes while using industry approved symbols
  • Work completed to your deadline at all times, even for our rush order delivery service
  • An unlimited number of revisions as needed with a fast turnaround between them
  • A full refund of your money if we cannot get it right for you

For the best help online finding out how much does it cost to edit and proofread a paper using a reputable service like ours, get in touch with our professional support teams now!