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Academic Proofreading Services

Why Do You Need Academic Proofreading Services?

When you are in high school you may find your essays and other papers are returned to you with a few red marks on your writing errors and lower grades than you wanted. At later stages of your education, your dissertation or thesis could be returned for revisions delaying your graduation significantly. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are a vital part of your writing and you must get them spot on at all times.

Even in today’s computer age with spell checkers and grammar checking online you will still find that your writing contains errors that your software just has not seen. So you will need to ensure that you do proofread your work very carefully if you want to catch all errors in your writing and correct them. This is why so many students will use an academic proofreading service online such as ours for their important papers.

How to Proofread Your Own Work

Proofreading your own work is not impossible but it can be time-consuming as well as not as effective as using a professional. This is because it takes a very specific mind set to be able to methodically work your way through writing to seek out errors. Proofreading your own work, however, has an added layer of difficulty as you are going to be very familiar with what you have written causing you to see what you wanted to write.

However, if you are going to proofread your own writing you should follow the following advice:

  • Leave as much time as possible between writing and proofreading
  • Use your software but do not trust it 100%
  • Read the work out loud first and record it for playback
  • Use a dictionary to check words such as desert and dessert
  • Use printed copy to do your proofreading:
  • Print out using a larger font than normal
  • Use a pencil or another pointer to touch each word as you check it
  • Use something to mask the adjacent lines and sentences
  • Read through the work backward
  • Check for one type of error at a time

Our Academic Proofreading Services UK Use the Best Staff

Academic editing and proofreading is something that takes intense concentration and a huge amount of skill. This is not a quick read through your writing to see if there is anything that leaps off the page. We provide a superior academic proofreading service as we use only the very best editors and proofers:

  • Formally qualified in editing and proofreading
  • Highly experienced; many of our staff have over 20 years of experience
  • Postgraduate degree holders in the fields in which they work
  • Fully understand academic formatting requirements
  • Are native English speakers

Our staff will work with you and will provide professional proofreading services in the specific localized style of English that you are looking for such as UK English.

We Offer Reliable Proofing and Editing

There are few academic proofreading companies online that can offer the quality of service that we provide at the prices that we charge. Our affordable services are staffed by the best and we always ensure that we aim for your full satisfaction; after all, we want to build a relationship with you so that you keep on returning for all of your academic writing, editing, and proofreading. We offer every client all of the following benefits when using APA editors for hire:

  • Online support and ordering 24/7
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Confidential services
  • On time delivery within the agreed timeframe
  • Plagiarism testing and free report
  • Proofreading on all writing and editing
  • A full satisfaction money back guarantee

So if you need to ensure that your papers and essays are perfectly written and error free just contact our academic proofreading services for the very best help you will find online!