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What is editing?

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Editing or copy-editing as it is sometimes known as, is the first stage of the whole proofreading process. An editor ensures that whatever has been written is accurate, easy to follow, fit for purpose and free of errors, repetitions and inconsistencies. This process picks up mistakes and also analyses the document structure. Editing takes the original document and makes it ready for the final proofreading process.

Our cheap editing service uses only professional editors

Our professional editors begin by checking that your submitted work is complete and if the chapter titles and other elements match up and if the footnotes or end notes are correct. Then our editor fixes page set-ups, spacing and fonts and cuts off any unwanted formatting. If you are struggling to get your documents edited or you simply don’t have the time to due to an upcoming deadline then let our professional editing team do it for you.

Working through your document our editor then checks for

  • Is there anything missing in the content or structure?
  • Are all the Illustrations, graphs and tables supported by text with self-explanatory labels and captions that match? Text should comment on the data in graphs or tables, not just repeat it.
  • Wordiness. Is the language pitched at the right level for the likely readers and do any terms or abbreviations need explaining?
  • Check for misquotations, errors of fact, misspelt names, misused words, numbers that don’t add up and incomplete references. Also query anything that does not seem to make sense.
  • Is the work too long or too short? Our editor can suggest ways to reduce the length.

Why do you need a professional editing service?

affordable editingWhile cheap proofreading service is an important final step in having your work checked over it only focuses on correcting superficial errors. Meanwhile, editing takes a deeper look at the content of your paper and can help make it much easier to understand, be better organized, and more suitable for the target audience. Quality writing is important, the quality of writing can ultimately be the difference between success and failure and no matter how inspired your ideas are or brilliant your logic and moving your story is, if the writing is not fluent, consistent and mistake-free, it will not have the impact required.

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We offer a quality and unique service that guarantees

  • Highly affordable prices.
  • A thorough manual proofreading done by professionals.
  • Plagiarism tested.
  • Editing that tracks changes
  • Rush order delivery
  • Delivered on time, guaranteed.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 100% money back If not fully satisfied by our services.

professional editingWe provide a professional and highly specialized and cheap editing service that also caters for proofreading for students. Our writers are fully qualified in all fields to give you that perfect finished document that will have you coming back to us time after time. So contact us today for a service from the best cheap proofreaders online that you can both trust and afford.

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